Developing Leaders

Leadership Recruitment and Development are critcial elements of sustaining viable chapters. The followng are chapters from TU's Leadership Manual available, along with other chapter resoruces, in the Tacklebox on TU's website.


A TU chapter can best serve its members and fulfill the mission of TU by being effective in these four areas:


  1. Conservation—To improve coldwater resources (i.e. habitat or water flows) by engaging in projects such as stream restoration or advocacy for beneficial regulations.

  2. Education—To introduce TU’s conservation principles to a broader audience. This includes angling instruction as a way to get potential members and the general public knowledgeable and passionate about our nation’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. TU has a particular emphasis on youth education, identifying and grooming the next generation of coldwater stewards .

  3. Service to members—To give every TU member the opportunity to become involved locally in support of TU’s mission. Member involvement could include participation in a conservation project or education program, attendance at a chapter meeting, or even just reading a local chapter newsletter.

  4. Business practices – To run the chapter in an effective, business-like manner including, for example, a budgeting and annual planning process, adequate fundraising, and a self-sustaining volunteer and leadership pool. 


Leadership Material